Innovate. Together.Civic participation, idea scouting, strengthening the culture of innovation, continuous improvements, customer innovation, creative collaboration …
CROWD LYNX offers the tailor-made tool for your needs.
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Good ideas are all around us.

In a world of distributed knowledge open innovation gives you the power of the crowd to work together on ideas and improve your products, processes or services.

CROWD LYNX helps you to implement open innovation by providing the tools and an intuitive unified process to ask your crowd for ideas and bring them to life.


Some ideas appear spontaneously, some can be triggered by the right question. CROWD LYNX provides both, the option to call for ideas on a certain topic as well as the permanent channel to post ideas proactively and dedicate ideas to a specific addressee.

It is all about efficient communication these days. CROWD LYNX supports the most direct communication paths between people having ideas and those who are interested to hear them and put the best ones into reality.


CROWD LYNX can play a major role in building up and enhancing an active culture of innovation in any crowd of people. Based on principles such as collaborative fairness, balanced motivation and unobstructed communication CROWD LYN aims at generating a participative environment of Innovation.

Some Features at a Glance

Create your Innovation Zone! 

Your landingpage carries your corporate identity and is the entrance to your innovation zone. It is your “Homebase” on CROWD LYNX where all the actions take place.

Call out loud! 

You want to pull ideas from the crowd? Then an idea call is the right measure for you. Title, aim, incentives, timeline and supportive media build up a call, which can be spread out to motivate people to post ideas to this challenge.

Ideas count! 

Ideas are the core of CROWD LYNX. No matter if they are posted by a creative lone wolf or an interdisciplinary team of co-authors they are composed in a situations-solution style with optional supportive media. Ideas can be commented and rated and are matter of collaborative improvement.

 Hover over an item to see how the feature looks like.

Let the Crowd “decide”! 

The ideas’ ratings give you a hint, which are the relevant ones within the crowd. It takes into account all the activities around an idea including: direct ratings by users, number of users involved and number of comments attached.

Stay in the loop! 

Subscribe innovation zones, calls or ideas your are interested in to stay updated by compact alerts in your user profile.

Under control! 

Manage and control your Innovation zone easily. Edit content, nominate agents, create areas, follow statistics and much more.

Better ask than guess! 

With a CROWD LYNX poll you can easily generate a picture of the majority opinon.

Why should I use CROWD LYNX?

It's important to listen what others have to say.
Be it the employees of your company, students of your university, the people in your project team, attendees of an event ...
Below you find some common use cases that show you how and why to use us.

For Companies and Organisations

Listen to your customers. Get your employees involved in the innovation process. Make use of all the knowledge and creativity around you. Find the best ideas among your suppliers. Communicate, collaborate and find real innovation. CROWD LYNX is the cost-efficient and effective cloud service to enhance your culture of innovation.

For Universities and Schools

Get your students involved. Let your staff and research partner participate. Turn towards public. Improve internal affairs. No matter what you are aiming at - CROWD LYNX is the smart idea-crowdsourcing tool for the educational sector.

For Projects and Campaigns

Set a sign. Ask the crowd. Motivate your team. Follow the trend of crowdsourcing. Face a challenge. Solve a problem. No Goal is too specific and no goal is too big to be handled with CROWD LYNX. Benefit from attractive short term use options.

For Towns and Regions

Ask your citizens. Trigger participative development. Develop the future collaboratively. Save money in administration. Make people happier and heard. Create and innovate together. CROWD LYNX is an easy to use tool for everybody.

Guidance all along the line

CROWD LYNX navigates you straight to your open-innovation success!


In a workshop, tailored to your specific needs, we will answer the following questions with your team:
  • What is open-innovation and which elements do you already use (un)knowingly?
  • What are the possible applications of open-innovation in your company?
  • What are the chances and risks?
  • What resources do you need?
  • What are your tangible goals you want to reach?
  • How can CROWD LYNX help you reach your goals?


You want more than CROWD LYNX as „software as a service“? You want to benefit from the experience of our experts? Then our CROWD LYNX Start-Package is what you need!
You get:
  • personal guidance with the setup and launch of your innovation-zone
  • hints for the design of your first campaign
  • support with the management of your team of agents
  • a package of measures to mobilise your user base.
Benefit from the practical experience of our team and bring live to your CROWD LYNX innovation zone in an efficient and professional manner.

CROWD LYNX Campaign-Mentoring

You want to launch an open-innovation campaign on CROWD LYNX with maximum support? Then our CROWD LYNX Campaign-Mentoring (also in combination with CROWD LYNX Start-Package) is your solution!
  • strategic advice in preparation of your campaign
  • drafting and editing of the content by our media experts and journalists
  • attractive design by our graphic designer network
  • trainings for moderation and steering of your campaign
  • hints how to handle and interpret the results

You want an extensive consulting service for your company, your organisation or your project combined with the application of CROWD LYNX?
You are in best hands at our CROWD LYNX certified partners.


Get started for free!

It will take you less than ten minutes to set up your first campaign.

All our plans come with a free 30 day trial period with no further obligations attached.
(All prices exclusive of VAT)


€ 49  / mo
30 days for free

  • Unlimted Ideas
  • 3 Agents
  • 1 concurrent campaign
Includes a 30 day free test period!


€ 99  / mo
30 days for free

  • Unlimted Ideas
  • 10 Agents
  • 3 concurrent campaigns
Includes a 30 day free test period!


  • For consultance, white-labeled versions, custom branding and design or integration with your companies Single Sign On please

Enterprise One

€ 490  / mo

  • On Premise (local) installation including support & updates
  • 1 Innovation Zone
  • Custom Branding
  • Remote Setup € 1.990 (one time fee)
  • Support: By Arrangement

Enterprise Two

€ 890  / mo

  • On Premise (local) installation including support & updates
  • 2 Innovation Zones
  • Custom Branding
  • Remote Setup € 1.990 (one time fee)
  • Support: By Arrangement

Enterprise Three

€ 1.490  / mo

  • On Premise (local) installation including support & updates
  • 4 Innovation Zones
  • Custom Branding
  • Remote Setup € 1.990 (one time fee)
  • Support: By Arrangement


Georg Haberhauer

Georg Haberhauer, Vizerektor für Personal und Organisationsentwicklung, Universität für Bodenkultur, Wien
Für jede Universität ist Innovation auf allen Ebenen wichtig. Mit dem Open Innovation Tool CROWD LYNX haben wir einen erfolgreichen Vorstoß geschafft, unsere Studierenden und die Belegschaft in den Innovationsprozess zu involvieren und den Grundstein für eine nachhaltige Innovationskultur an unserer Universität zu legen.

Paul Fattinger

Paul Fattinger, CEO Austin BFP, Wien, Graz
“Der Anwendung von CROWD LYNX als Innovationstool ist nicht nur für unsere Kunden effektiv und nutzbringend, sondern hat sich auch im Einsatz in unserer Kanzlei zur Optimierung interner Abläufe und zur Partizipation des ganzen Teams an Entwicklungsprozessen bewährt.

Our Partners


Unsere Passion ist Innovation - in Allem was wir tun. Als eines der Top 10 österreichischen Beratungsunternehmen streben wir stets nach der optimalen Lösung für unsere Kunden - keine Standardprodukte, sondern maßgeschneiderte Konzepte und ein frischer Blick; dafür sorgt unser multidisziplinäres Team

WARP Innovation

We love innovation, technology, and disruption. And we love to help others to make their innovations come true. We have lots of experience, also from our failures in the past. We worked self employed, in startups, and in huge corporations in different functions and roles. So, we know a lot about the business world, about people, different cultures in different countries. This knowledge and experience we give to you, our clients.


Als Personalentwicklerin berate ich Führungskräfte und schaffe dadurch ein Empowering der MitarbeiterInnen, denn die MitarbeiterInnen machen den Unterschied. Als Kulturentwicklerin unterstütze ich Sie und Ihre MitarbeiterInnen dabei Verantwortung zu übernehmen, Entscheidungen zu treffen und die gemeinsamen Werte zu leben. Als Strukturentwicklerin schaffe ich für jeden die richtige Ordnung, so bunt wie das Leben.


Das Team der 4dimensions begleitet Organisationen bei der Gestaltung ihrer Arbeitskultur, beim Aufbau von Vertrauen und der Schaffung von Leistungsräumen. 4dimensions prüft die Wirksamkeit der jeweils vorhandenen Unternehmenskulturstruktur. Die 4dimensions Berater pflegen Entwicklung und sichern damit nachhaltig Ihren Unternehmenserfolg.